Forms Processing

DCS BPO's Forms Processing services are driven by transactional efficiency. Having more than a decade's experience in this domain, aided expertise in processing voluminous variety of forms regardless of the source such as scanned images, hard copies to any customer-defined format.

Outsourcing of sensitive and critical forms to DCS BPO reduces costs, increases profitability and delivers greater core value and operational excellence to its clients.

DCS BPO's committed forms processing team guarantees up to 99.98% error free output, enabling the clients to free their resources and cut down in-house processing costs substantially.

Our 24/7 forms processing facility is access-controlled, with secure data servers and network firewalls. Mobile phones are banned inside the work area, and our personnel are thoroughly screened and reference- checked before employment, for ensuring data security.

Service Map:

The proof of our process capability
   Insurance Claims (HCFA, UB92 etc.)
   Courier Forms
   Traffic Citations
   Payroll Forms
   Survey Forms
   Income Tax Forms(Online/Offline entry)
   Voter Registration Forms
   Coupons / Warranty Cards
   Yellow Pages
   Account Opening Forms
   Rebate Coupons




Our forms processing unit has been servicing the following clientele:
   Insurance Companies
   Courier Services
   Universities, Colleges & Schools
   Surveying Organizations
   Super Markets
   SMB Agencies & Companies

Our Capacity

In the calender year 2008, we had processed 9 million forms of various types in our forms processing facility.